Friday, February 24, 2012

Learning from a former Christian celebrity...

When I first heard Ed Dobson's story, I thought his "Year of living like Jesus" was nothing more than a clever gimmick. Now, having learned more about his work and as I grow more and more dissatisfied with "Christianity as usual" and our celebrity obsession in the church, I am finding more and more that being faithful to Christ means stepping outside of the boundaries of what is traditionally considered "ministry."

These days, I'm discovering that intimacy with God means intimacy with those whom God loves - namely, the broken, the unlovable, the outcast. Having it all together and being a person of importance does not a faithful Christian make. Following Jesus into intimate community with my neighbors and learning together to follow the way of Jesus together does that.

Ed's story is an inspiration to me in my continuing journey toward greater faithfulness to the way of Jesus in my life today. I hope his life will also inspire you. Thanks to Rachel Held Evans for posting this video.

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